Featured video: our world in 2030

Our world in 2030

You’ve probably seen movies like The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 and plenty of other catastrophic movies.  You’ve seen our dear earth destroyed again and again in different future time frames, and not to mention in different ways.

But honestly, what will happen in the future?

Space colonies that’re light years from earth, robot doctors with freaking real human look, or flying cars that are dominating the sky?

Maybe we are not there yet, though they definitely will make some popular topics.

Setting the future technology aside, scientists have nonetheless predicted that our world will change more in the next 20 years compared to all of human’s history: our lifestyle will change. Skyscrapers will replace trees that once dared to reach the sky. Most of us will live in cities and lead a sedentary life. We could become couch potatoes rooted in our home or office and stay there until we rot.

Fortunately, all these are just predictions. We can still mould our future.

Are we ready for this battle?



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